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Ahoy hoy!
Recently I get a lot commission requests, and since I struggle more and more to answer them all,
I got the idea that I could give you a form to fill in, so all the basic questions get answered in one go.
(Also here is the link with the commission prizes. Please read that one before commissioning me: Commissions and stuff )

I really wonder why I didn't come up with this idea earlier, since many mails that I get end up in long conversations before all questions are answered.
And this stacks up with every new request comming in.

Anyways, let's go on to the form^^
(Just copy it into your mail/PN)

Please fill in the following:

1. Number/Names of characters and if they are Original Characters or not:

2. What kind of artwork? (set an "x" into "[  ]"):

-sketch [  ]
-lineart [  ]
-coloured artwork [  ]

3.Which colouring style?

-speedpaint [  ]
-cel-shading (anime like. only hard shading) [  ]
-my regular colouring style (a mixture of soft and celshading. price is same as cel) [  ]
-softshading [  ]

4. How much is visible of the character/s of the artwork?

-bust up [  ]
-waist up [  ]
-fullbody [  ]

comment here how much is visible of the other characters if there are multiple ones on the artwork:

5. Pose/ scenario:

Shortly decribe here what should happen on the artwork. Like the pose, the facial expression ect.:

6. Background?

Does the artwork have a background like a forest, room ect.?

No [  ]
Yes [  ]
If yes, please describe here:

7. Describe character/s:

-Who is the character?
-How does the character looks like (reference images if possible)?
-What kind of personality does the character have (decribe shortly if possible)?

Describe here:

8. Any other details?

Write down if there are any other details that are important for you, that aren't named yet:

9. Private or Commercial use?

Is the artwork just done for you (private use) or do you plan to sell it as merchandise/ use it in any other commercial way? Commercial use is only possible for Original Characters that don't belong to an existing series, game ect.

Private use [  ]
Commercial use [  ]

If commercial use, write down any important details for what it will be used and how you need the artwork to be, like special resolutions ect.:

10. Special resolution required?

No  [  ]
(I'll use my regular drawing resolution of 1400x2000pixel with 300dpi then)

Yes [  ]
If yes, please write down the resolution in pixel:


Thank you very much in advance for filling in the form if you commission me! ^v^

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October 6, 2015


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